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Fundraise for The For Baby's Sake Trust

At The For Baby’s Sake Trust, we are dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families by supporting parents to create a nurturing, safe environment for their babies. 

Your support is crucial in helping us provide these vital services. Whether you’re looking to join an existing event, organise your own, or simply find fundraising inspiration, you’ll find all the resources you need right here.

Your generosity today can help to make a baby’s life better tomorrow. Let’s get started!

Find a Fundraising Event

Looking for a fun and impactful way to support The For Baby’s Sake Trust? Discover a range of exciting fundraising events happening near you! By joining one of our events, you’ll be helping to provide vital support for families and children. Events will be listed on this page.  Find the perfect opportunity to make a difference today.

Organise a Fundraising Event

Want to take the lead in supporting The For Baby’s Sake Trust? Organising your own fundraising event is a fantastic way to get involved and make a significant impact. Whether you’re planning a small gathering with friends – like a baby shower – or a large community event, we’re here to help you every step of the way. For support, resources and materials, reach out to Our Fundraising Managers can support you every step of the way. Get started now and turn your ideas into reality!

Fundraising Ideas

Need some inspiration for your next fundraising endeavour? Here are some creative ideas to kickstart your efforts:

  • Sponsored Walk/Run: Gather friends, family, or colleagues and embark on a fun run or walk. Set a target distance and collect sponsorships to reach your fundraising goal.
  • Bake Sale: Whip up some delicious treats and host a bake sale in your community. Everyone loves a tasty snack for a good cause!
  • Charity Auction: Collect items from local businesses and organise an auction. The highest bidder wins, and all proceeds go to supporting our cause.
  • Baby Shower Fundraiser: Turn your baby shower into a charitable event by asking guests to make a donation to The For Baby’s Sake Trust in lieu of traditional gifts. You can also organise fun activities like a raffle or a guessing game, with proceeds going towards supporting families and children in need.
  • Virtual Challenge: Set yourself a personal challenge, like a fitness goal or creative project, and share your progress online. Invite friends and family to sponsor you.

Ways to Fundraise

There are countless ways to support The For Baby’s Sake Trust and make a real difference. Here are some effective methods to get you started:

  • Online Fundraising: Create a fundraising page on platforms like JustGiving or GoFundMe. Share your story and invite friends and family to donate.
  • Corporate Sponsorship: Engage with local businesses and ask them to sponsor your fundraising efforts. Many companies are keen to support charitable causes.
  • Work for Good: Register your business or employer with Work For Good to start fundraising through your company. 
  • Collaborate with your Employer: Ask your employer whether they match-fund staff fundraising efforts. And, find out whether you can nominate The For Baby’s Sake Trust as charity of the year.
  • Social Media Campaigns: Use your social media platforms to spread the word. Share updates, photos, and videos of your fundraising journey to engage and inspire your network.
  • Online Shopping: Make donations easily – and at no cost to you – through online shopping with easyfundraising
Thank you for your support and dedication. Together, we can create a brighter future for children and families. Get involved today and be part of the change!

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