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"The For Baby's Sake Therapeutic Practitioners’ feedback and reports on the parents’ sessions have also helped me to consider my approach to parents. Their alternative perspectives have helped me to consider underlying issues influencing the parents within their relationships and past, and these perspectives have fed into our planning for the child. The longer-term support offered will provide a great support moving forward now that social work involvement has ended as this provides a 'softer landing' for parents and ensures the support they need to explore their relationship continues.”

Social workers play a crucial role in identifying families at risk and referring them to The For Baby’s Sake Trust for support. Most of our referrals are from children’s social care, and we always work with a team around the baby. This means if we receive a self-referral, we will contact local services. 

We work in partnership with social care teams to ensure a holistic approach to addressing domestic abuse and its impacts on families. Social workers provide essential information and support to families and work alongside For Baby’s Sake practitioners to create tailored intervention plans. 

Domestic abuse is quoted in 75% of Child Protection Plans and 60% of cases that lead to care proceedings, making it the highest ranking factor for children’s safeguarding and a major drain on the public purse, as well as a significant risk factor for longer term poor outcomes for all those affected. 

For Baby’s Sake is an innovative programme created by the Trust in response to the growing evidence of the life-long mental and physical health risks for babies born into families where there is domestic abuse. The programme aims to break the cycle of domestic abuse and create the conditions for resilience by providing the stability, support and nurturing conditions to allow babies and children to flourish. 

"As a social worker, I collaborated with a For Baby’s Sake practitioner, working with parents expecting their first baby together, where there had been several police call outs to incidents of domestic abuse during the pregnancy. I think listening to both parents and showing that we believed things could be different had a powerful effect, and For Baby’s Sake taught them so many practical tools to manage difficult situations and build their confidence. I felt proud of where the family got to."
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We currently have For Baby’s Sake teams operating in Blackpool, London and the South of England, and the East of England. Delivery of the programme is subject to funding and current capacity. 

If you’re a social worker, and you’d like to learn more about working with The For Baby’s Sake Trust, reach out today.

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