“Their model of being trauma-informed is one that I’d like us to get across the whole of our service”


Collaborating with others and influencing policy and practice

We amplify our impact by sharing our innovative learning and working with others to influence practices, policies and systems. 

Driving common outcomes

Influencing policy and practice

Building the evidence base

Academic evaluation of
For Baby’s Sake

We commissioned a major four-year independent evaluation of For Baby’s Sake and published the final report in May 2020. 

The evaluation, led by King’s College London, identified the programme as the “first” to “fill an important gap in provision” through its “unique approach” to tackling domestic abuse.

The report found that For Baby’s Sake “addresses key limitations” of existing whole family domestic abuse interventions by working with both parents, starting in pregnancy and through its trauma-informed and attachment-focused model.

King’s College London led a team of academics from University of Warwick, University of Central Lancashire, University of Cambridge and McMaster University, Canada in the evaluation of the feasibility, acceptability and impact of For Baby’s Sake in the first two prototype sites in Hertfordshire and London.

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Together we can empower families to change their lives and give their babies the best start in life.

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