For Police and Justice

How we work with police and justice professionals

“The For Baby’s Sake Trust was an exemplary partner to the OPCC for Hertfordshire in the Home Office Perpetrator Pilot Project. They mobilised swiftly, deliver to tight timescales and contribute strategically to our Project Board and evaluation exercise. Their data and narrative reports are at the centre of our quarterly returns to the Home Office.”

Police, probation officers and the justice system are often involved in domestic abuse cases and may refer families to The For Baby’s Sake Trust for support. We work together to ensure the safety of families, providing trauma-informed interventions to both those using abusive behaviours and those experiencing domestic abuse, aiming to break the cycle and provide long-term support for families.  

The For Baby’s Sake programme firmly aligns with the PFCC’s Police and Crime Plan priorities 3 and 4: protecting vulnerable people and breaking the cycle of domestic abuse; reducing violence against women and girls. We work with the whole family affected by domestic abuse supporting each individual to overcome the trauma histories underlying much abusive behaviour, reducing experiences of domestic abuse and enabling better outcomes for babies and children.

Preventing an arrest, subsequent court proceedings and prison sentence could add up to a saving for local authorities of £67,1561 in the first year, with subsequent savings to the criminal justice and benefits systems.  

Reach out

We welcome contact and referrals from police,  local authority staff and other multi-agency professionals, or parents in areas where we currently have funding and capacity. 

Together, we can support families to stop abusive behaviour, promote healthy, attachment-focused parenting, and ensure that babies and children are given the best chance of healthy, happy, productive lives. 

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