Dr Gillian Rose


‘Investing in baby’s and children’s well-being should be everybody’s business.’

Gillian has worked professionally with babies, children, young people and their parents /carers for over 37 years.  She trained in medicine at University College London doing an intercalated degree at Middlesex Hospital in Immunology and Cell Pathology. 

During her early years as a doctor, she realised the importance of emotional well being for health.  She trained in psychiatry and subsequently specialised in child and adolescent psychiatry.  She has experience working in a variety of settings in Cambridge, London and Hertfordshire.  Gillian has worked for over 28 years as a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist both in outpatient settings and a specialist inpatient children’s unit.

“I feel privileged during my NHS career to have worked in partnership with families and to have witnessed how change is possible.”

Since retirement Gillian has grown a passion for plants and horticulture.

 “Children and plants both require nurturing to reach optimal development.  I am looking forward to working with an organisation that works to facilitate change within families.”

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