Emotional Safety Plans: what they are, and how to use them

Take a deep dive into our Emotional Safety Plans, developed with Best Beginnings.

The Emotional Safety Plans share what parents need to feel safe, and to thrive. Read on to learn more.

Our Emotional Safety Plans for Parents

The Emotional Safety Plan is an empowerment and self-agency tool for anyone preparing for the birth of a baby.  It can be used by expectant mothers, fathers, co-parents, or non-birthing partners, individually or together, making support available to the whole family.  Those using it can record what they may need to feel listened to, including preferences about how they are spoken to, or how options and choices are explained, so they can process, recognise and manage their feelings, to feel safe before, during and after birth.  

The Emotional Safety Plan differs from a birth plan by focusing on how to keep yourself emotionally safe, including how the birth journey may evoke difficult feelings and how professionals can be supportive by their words and actions to ensure that parents feel heard, seen and understood.  The tool also prompts parents to consider how the physical environment may affect their emotional wellbeing, e.g. lighting, noise levels, any items that it would be helpful – or unhelpful – to have nearby, or requests not to return to rooms where they experienced previous birth trauma.  


Our Emotional Safety Plans for Professionals

The For Baby’s Sake Trust has created parallel Emotional Safety Plan tools for professionals, especially to support midwives, maternity and perinatal care staff who have an essential role in supporting parents, families and non-birthing partners to feel safe before, during and after birth. 

Providing this care can be emotional and can have an impact on the wellbeing and emotional safety of those providing care. Developing an emotional safety plan can help midwives and other healthcare professionals to establish strategies for emotional self-care, manage stress, and build resilience to maintain emotional and mental wellbeing. Acknowledging their own emotional safety needs can empower professionals to support those receiving their care to feel safe. 

Maternity or perinatal professionals and providers of care across wide-ranging discipline can use these versions of the Emotional Safety Plan to support their practice and professional and personal resilience. One way of using it is as a tool in reflective supervision or as a debriefing tool following a difficult or emotionally challenging labour or period of care.  The templates for professionals are accompanied by a guidance note with tips on how to use them.  We have also produced a briefing paper on emotional safety planning for professionals, in the context of emotional labour, and pointing to the Emotional Safety Plans as user-friendly, visual tools for identifying and communicating emotional needs. 


All the Emotional Safety Plan templates and guidance for parents and professionals, plus the animated film can be accessed here 

The tools for parents, guidance and animated film can also be accessed here via Baby Buddy, the NHS-approved pregnancy and parenting app created by Best Beginnings.  


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