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For Mother’s Day 2024, we’re so excited to launch our new campaign Maternal Health Matters



We’re proud to be partnering with incredible organisations to advocate for practical action to ensure every parent feels safe, heard and supported, including the use of Emotional Safety Plans in every Maternity Unit across the country.

Take action today by spreading awareness, advocating for the implementation of Emotional Safety Plans in maternity units, and supporting parents and professionals in their quest for a positive childbirth experience. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that #MaternalHealthMatters for every parent and baby in the UK. And, join us for our free webinar on April 16. 

"We are calling for immediate, positive action to address maternal mortality rates. We want to ensure all parents feel that their physical and emotional needs are met and are confident they will be listened to."
Lauren Seager-Smith
CEO, The For Baby's Sake Trust
"Maternal health is a huge concern that needs immediate attention. The 'Maternal Health Matters' campaign is a significant step towards acknowledging the challenges parents and healthcare professionals face."
Dame Lin Homer
Chair of The For Baby's Sake Trust




  • Spread Awareness: Share information about the campaign using #MaternalHealthMatters.
  • Participate: Attend our campaign webinar to learn more about maternal health.
  • Donate: Donate to The For Baby’s Sake Trust and our partner organisations working to support families. 
  • Share Personal Experiences: Share your own experiences or stories related to maternal health to raise awareness.
  • Stay Informed: Stay engaged with the campaign and continue to support its objectives over the long term. 
  • To raise awareness about the alarming rise in maternal mortality rates in the UK.  
  • To advocate for practical action to ensure every parent feels safe, heard and supported, including the use of Emotional Safety Plans in every Maternity Unit across the country.  
  • To encourage collective action to understand and respond to the needs of parents and professionals  
  • To provide resources and support for expectant parents through the Emotional Safety Plan tool.
  • Every parent should feel safe, heard and supported through pregnancy, birth and beyond. 
  • Professionals who support parents through pregnancy and childbirth need our recognition and support. 
  • Emotional Safety Plans can support parents to feel safe, heard and supported through their childbirth experience and beyond. 
  • Maternal mortality rates are a critical issue that requires urgent attention. 
  • It is essential to listen to parents and take collective action to improve safety. 

Our partners

Shout-out to the incredible #MaternalHealthMatters partners for their unwavering support of the campaign. Together, we’re making strides towards safer childbirth experiences and better maternal health outcomes.  

“Having a baby is life changing - and we know that the journey through pregnancy, birth and beyond can include a rollercoaster of emotions as mothers, fathers and co-parents navigate the ups and downs along the way. Everyone’s experience is unique. For some, domestic abuse and trauma can make parenting much harder, harming the lives of so many. We are therefore delighted to partner with The For Baby’s Sake Trust on their campaign for emotional safety planning to be part of routine care before, during and after the birth, alongside their wider work to break the cycle of domestic abuse”.​
Alison Morton​​
CEO of the Institute of Health Visiting​​
"St Michael’s is delighted to partner with For Baby’s Sake, Best Beginnings and the Institute of Health Visiting to shine a light on maternal health, and to support the use of Emotional Safety Plans to enable the emotional needs of expectant parents to be known and shared with their midwife and doctor, giving babies the best start in life."

Sue Pettigrew (OBE)​
St Michael's Fellowship Director​

Emotional Safety Plans

Central to our campaign are our Emotional Safety Plans, developed with Best Beginnings, which expectant parents (and family, friends and birth companions) can use to record what they need to feel emotionally safe before, during and after birth.  

Alongside the Emotional Safety Plans for parents, we have also developed tools to support the emotional health of midwives and other professionals on the front line, in response to the pressure on maternity and perinatal services. The dedication and care of those on the front line cannot be underestimated, and it is vital that they receive the emotional support they need.   


Watch our Maternal Health Matters webinar here


Many of the themes raised in the Maternal Health Matters campaign are very difficult.

If you need support around maternal health, please reach out to organisations like PANDAS, Bliss, MASIC, the National Domestic Abuse Helpline, Samaritans, SANDS, or consult your GP or health visitor. 

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