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How we work with local authorities

“The For Baby’s Sake Practitioners created a safe and holding space for each of the parents to feel secure to explore their own childhoods and to consider the relationship with their own parenting. We were impressed with the therapeutic knowledge and approach of the team who were able to create formulations that truly reflected what was happening for the family. This personalised approach enabled the team and the parents to create personalised goals which attuned to the needs of the family and held the child in mind. We greatly appreciate the input from the team when they are working alongside us with families.”

We partner with local authorities to provide targeted support to families in need, and currently deliver For Baby’s Sake in London, the South East of England and Blackpool.  

Our current partnership with Blackpool City Council involves collaboration on identifying families at risk, referral processes, For Baby’s Sake programme delivery and funding arrangements. Blackpool Better Start Partnership and the Trust came together in 2019 to create an innovative model of collaboration in order to address complex issues for individuals and families that often prove the most resistant to positive and sustained change and the most draining to the public purse. 

Our Blackpool impact report

For Baby’s Sake is particularly designed to meet the needs of families where the parents have complex current needs and traumatic adverse childhood experiences and works with families across the spectrum of children’s services levels of need (particularly working with families within children’s social care and care proceedings) – and continues to work with families as they move between different levels of need. 

Feedback received from parents and from those working in local services, gives positive signs of the changes taken place for the families engaged in the programme. The social and economic effectiveness of For Baby’s Sake has been evaluated by independent research commissioned from King’s College London, published in May 2020. 

For Baby’s Sake strengthens the local offer through independent, specialist provision and access to resources and training. We provide targeted support that addresses the impact of domestic abuse on babies. Together we help families to build stable, loving homes, and address cycles of trauma – a key barrier to change.  

Delivery models for local authorities

We embed For Baby’s Sake within your social care model and children’s services system. The licence would permit the use of the For Baby’s Sake programme within your local area, with wrap-around support, including induction, training, professional development and data collection and analysis. 

The For Baby’s Sake Trust works alongside local agencies to deliver For Baby’s Sake to a caseload of families in the area. In addition, local areas will receive access to our tools and resources, as well as opportunities for training and professional development. 

Reach out

By working closely with local authorities, we ensure that our services reach those who need them most and that families receive comprehensive support to address domestic abuse and its impacts. 

If you would like to discuss working with us and how we might collaborate to bring For Baby’s Sake to your area, we are ready to hear from you. 

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