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How we define domestic abuse

We work with expectant co-parents where there is experience of domestic abuse.  

Our work starts in pregnancy, and we deliver trauma-informed, whole-family therapeutic support until the baby’s second birthday. 

We follow the definition of domestic abuse in the Domestic Abuse Act 2021

Domestic abuse includes abusive behaviours between people who are personally connected and are aged 16 or over. The behaviour does not have to happen within a home. 

A baby or child is a victim of domestic abuse if they are exposed to domestic abuse in the womb, home or community. A child means a person under 18 years of age.

Who we work with

We work with co-parents (starting from 28 weeks of pregnancy) where there has been experience of domestic abuse

We recognise that domestic abuse is disproportionately perpetrated by men and experienced by women and is one of the causes and consequences of gender inequality in society.

We work with expectant parents and co-parents, from any background or demographic, and seek to reduce experiences of domestic abuse. 

Why we start in pregnancy

We start work in pregnancy for three reasons: 

  • What happens to a child in the first 1001 days – from conception to age two profoundly impacts life – long outcomes. We empower parents to protect babies from the impact of domestic abuse.
  • Pregnancy is a risk factor for domestic abuse. 
  • Parenthood can be a motivator for positive change 
  • We work with parents who want to give their baby the best start in life. 

Identifying parents who need help 

Most of our referrals come from social workers and midwives who are in contact with a family where there is a pregnancy and experience of domestic abuse. We welcome referrals from all agencies in our funded areas and will also consider self-referrals.  

What we deliver

We deliver For Baby’s Sake to expectant co-parents where there is experience of domestic abuse, they want to co-parent their baby, and both parents want to give their baby the best start in life.

For Baby’s Sake is a trauma-informed, therapeutic programme delivered up until the baby is two years old.  

Each parent has their own Therapeutic Practitioner who works with them (whether or not they are in a relationship with one another) to address the root causes of domestic abuse, and take positive action to be the best parents they can be, helping their baby to thrive.   

How we work with other agencies

We work closely with other agencies that help to protect babies and children. This includes working alongside social care and all other agencies that work together to keep families safeTypically, this includes a ‘team around the baby’ who share information with parents and one another.  

If we are worried about the safety of a parent and/or the safety of a baby or other children, we will always take action to help keen that parent, baby, or children safe.  


Our use of language

We take a trauma-informed, therapeutic approach to break cycles of domestic abuse. We seek to understand the root cause of domestic abuse, including the impact of family histories and traumatic childhood experiences on our behaviour as adults and parents.  

Our preference is to avoid labelling people – particularly as victims or perpetrators, and you will hear us avoiding these terms as much as possible. We talk about those who experience domestic abuse or use abusive behaviours towards others. This does not take away from the impact of domestic abuse, and the need for accountability. We exist to break cycles of domestic abuse because we understand its devastating impact. We want all parents to seek help if they are experiencing domestic abuse, and to feel safe, heard and supported. 

However, we always strive to show respect to others, including those who take a different perspective.  


Safeguarding babies, children, and adults

Safeguarding is at the heart of The For Baby’s Sake Trust. 

This applies to our services with babies, children, and adults and to our wider culture and practice as a charity and employer. 

The For Baby’s Sake Trust has appointed individuals responsible for dealing with any safeguarding concerns.  

The named persons within The For Baby’s Sake Trust are:

  • Judith Rees, Director of Operations (Designated Safeguarding Lead)
  • Jon Chapman, Trustee (Designated Safeguarding Lead, Board Member)

Other key contacts

  • Police 999 (in an emergency)
  • Police (Child Abuse Investigation Unit CAIU) 0845 33 00 222 101 (or in an emergency 999)
  • NSPCC 0808 800 500

Our Safeguarding Children Policy and Safeguarding Adults Policy provide details of our approach to safeguarding and how to report a concern.


Making sure the programme is right for your family

The For Baby’s Sake team will explain the programme’s content with you, and together, we will carefully decide whether this is the right step for you and your family.

Before working with any family, we conduct risk assessments and safety planning, and we will always take a multi-agency approach to ensure the safety of both parents and the baby.  

It is crucial to acknowledge that seeking support for domestic abuse is a complex journey and your safety, and the safety of your baby is our priority. If we feel at any time that the programme is not right for you and your family, we will explain this to you and work with you to find other support. While our intervention can be a vital step for families, it is not the right programme for every family, and your safety will always be our priority.


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