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How we work with the housing sector

We take a collaborative approach to tackling domestic abuse and fostering safe environments for families. The For Baby's Sake Trust recognises the profound connection between access to safe housing and domestic abuse, and we're committed to forging partnerships with housing associations and agencies to address this critical issue.

Understanding the link

Home should be a sanctuary, yet for many, it’s where they face the greatest threats. Housing insecurity or lack of access to safe housing, can also exacerbate poor mental health and place immense strain on family life. Research consistently shows that a stable, secure home is foundational to breaking the cycle of abuse and fostering resilience in families. 

Our approach

The For Baby’s Sake Trust offers a comprehensive approach to supporting families affected by domestic abuse. By partnering with housing associations, we can help raise awareness of domestic abuse, and work together to further understand the relationship between domestic abuse and safe and secure housing. Our aim is always to intervene early, provide robust safety planning, and empower parents.  

How we can work together

Housing associations can work with The For Baby’s Sake Trust to raise awareness of domestic abuse, signpost to support and explore together the ways in which safe and securing housing is fundamental to family wellbeing, safety and support.  Housing associations can also connect residents in need with The For Baby’s Sake Trust’s specialised services in the areas where we currently operate: London, the East of England and Blackpool.  

Strategic Collaboration 

The For Baby’s Sake Trust recognises that housing plays a pivotal role in the well-being of families, often impacting them directly through home security or indirectly through stresses like rent arrears and the impact of antisocial behaviour. Close collaboration between housing associations and the team at The For Baby’s Sake Trust can lead to mutually beneficial outcomes. By working together, housing associations can unlock safety and security for families, and we can work with you to explore underlying issues that may increase risk of antisocial behaviours or rent arrears. This understanding allows for appropriate responses that benefit both tenants and housing providers. Additionally, mutual training initiatives can be highly effective, with our team raising awareness about domestic abuse and housing associations sharing knowledge on housing options and internal support services for tenancy sustainment. 

Bespoke Training

The Trust can also offer bespoke training sessions for housing association staff to recognise signs of abuse, respond effectively, and navigate referral processes sensitively. By equipping frontline professionals with the tools and knowledge they need, we can work collaboratively to enhance support for babies and families. Domestic abuse often involves nuanced and severe situations. We can provide training that helps teams to ensure the safety of those involved and to understand the experiences of those impacted by domestic abuse.  Housing associations can also support dissemination of information and advice about domestic abuse to repairs teams, who frequently visit homes and can provide crucial insights into households that may not otherwise come to the attention of housing officers. By collaborating with housing associations, we can create a more informed, compassionate, and effective support system for families affected by domestic abuse. 

Practical Support

The For Baby’s Sake Trust also provides practical support, offering referrals and signposting to supportive housing partners and colleagues for parents. By partnering with housing associations, we can streamline these referrals, facilitating quicker access to safe housing options and essential services. This collaborative approach enhances the overall support system, helping families achieve stability and security in their housing situations.

Reach out

Together, we can develop tailored initiatives to address the impact of domestic abuse. From community outreach programmes to joint advocacy efforts, our partnership can create lasting change within housing communities. 

By partnering with The For Baby’s Sake Trust, housing associations can play a vital role in breaking the cycle of domestic abuse and creating safer, more supportive environments for families. 

If you’re a housing association interested in partnering with The For Baby’s Sake Trust, reach out to us today. Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the lives of those affected by domestic abuse.

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