July 2020

Our vision is that For Baby’s Sake becomes available to any family that would benefit, wherever they are in the UK, and therefore dramatically reduce the incidence of domestic abuse and improve the outcomes for these vulnerable babies and future generations.

Together we can break the cycle, For Baby’s Sake

This policy has been issued on behalf of the Trustees of The For Baby’s Sake Trust.  It is a guide to how The For Baby’s Sake Trust makes decisions on accepting and refusing donations and the procedures they follow.  Corporate sponsorship arrangements will be covered under separate and specific agreements with potential sponsors.

The reputation of The For Baby’s Sake Trust is of utmost importance to all stakeholders.  To the best of the Trust’s ability, it will accept gifts from legally acquired sources that are in line with its values.  The For Baby’s Sake Trust needs to consider any adverse publicity to protect its reputation and, as a result, will consider, on a case by case basis, whether a potential donation would come from a source that the Trustees consider to be inconsistent with the Trust’s values.

On a day-to-day basis, the Board of Trustees of The For Baby’s Sake Trust delegates the responsibility to accept or refuse donations to the Senior Leadership Team (SLT).  In most circumstances, donations below £10,000 will be accepted.  However, any gift with a value of £10,000 or greater will require a higher level of due diligence to ensure any potential corporate or individual donor is supporting The For Baby’s Sake Trust in accordance with this policy.  The SLT will ensure that The For Baby’s Sake Trust complies with the Charity Commission’s ‘Know Your Donor’ guidance in relation to anonymous, cash and/or large donations. 

If any donation has the potential to contravene any element of this policy, the Senior Leadership Team will make recommendations to the Board of Trustees on the acceptance or refusal of suggested donations.

The Trustees take overall legal responsibility for decisions relating to whether a donation is accepted or refused.

Legal Counsel

The For Baby’s Sake Trust will seek advice from legal counsel in relation to gift acceptance when appropriate, for example, in relation to: 

  • Administration of any estate in which The For Baby’s Sake Trust is named as a beneficiary
  • Any transactions with potential conflicts of interest, including the use of Board members as sales agents in transactions, leases of gift property to staff or Board, etc.
  • Any gifts of patents or intellectual property
  • Certain gifts that are subject to restrictions or buy-sell agreements
  • Other circumstances in which use of legal counsel is deemed appropriate by The For Baby’s Sake Trust

The For Baby’s Sake Trust does not provide personal legal, financial or other professional advice to donors or prospective donors.  Donors are strongly urged to seek the assistance of their own professional advisors in matters relating to their gifts and the resulting tax and estate planning consequences.

Acceptable gifts
The following gifts may be considered for acceptance by The For Baby’s Sake Trust:

  • Cash (cheque, credit/debit card, CAF, online payment processing, cash, etc.)
  • Shares (which may be retained and invested or else sold as soon as practicable and the cash used to further the Trust’s charitable objects. The Trust’s Investment Management Policy will guide the decision about how the shares will be treated)
  • Professional services (signage design, website development, event marketing, sponsorships etc)
  • Tangible personal property, including in-kind gifts

Gift Restrictions
The For Baby’s Sake Trust reserves the right to refuse any gift that is deemed to be too restrictive in purpose, or not in its best interests.  The acceptance of any gift or a decision to fulfil a specific or unusual request from a donor will be considered by the SLT.  The SLT discussion will be guided by consistency with the vision and the requirement to identify and mitigate any potential reputational risks.  SLT will then make a recommendation to the Chairman of the Board of Trustees for approval who may seek the views of the Charity Commission before making a decision.  A record of a decision to refuse a gift or donation will be retained by The For Baby’s Sake Trust.

The following gifts will not be accepted by The For Baby’s Sake Trust:

  • Any gift that violates the law or is directly contrary to the mission, vision and values of The For Baby’s Sake Trust
  • Any gift that comes with unreasonable conditions
  • Any gift that is made with conditions that state the proceeds will be spent by The For Baby’s Sake Trust for the personal benefit of a named individual (except in the context of hardship grant schemes, social prescribing etc, where the Trust is acting as the intermediary or conduit on behalf of service users)
  • Any gift that would reduce the ability of The For Baby’s Sake Trust to secure future donations or impact negatively on the achievement of its purposes and implementation of its programme(s)
  • Any gift that could expose The For Baby’s Sake Trust to any future liability or where it can be clearly shown that the cost to the Trust of accepting a donation will be greater than the value of the donation itself leading to a net decline in its assets

Acknowledging gifts
The For Baby’s Sake Trust will aim to issue an acknowledgement within one week of receipt of the gift where possible.  An acknowledgement letter, including a formal tax receipt for monetary donations, will be sent to each donor when their gift is accepted.

The For Baby’s Sake Trust uses the Annual Report and Accounts, including the Trustees’ Report, as the main donor recognition tool.

July 2020