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How we work with multi-agency professionals

“Strong multi-agency and multi-disciplinary working is vital to identifying and responding to the needs of children and families”.

We’re proud to work with professionals from across a range of sectors who share our mission to break cycles of domestic abuse and give babies the best start in life.   

We believe this is only possible through strong multi-agency and multi-disciplinary working.  

Learn more about how we collaborate below. 

Social workers play a crucial role in identifying families at risk and referring them to The For Baby’s Sake Trust for support. Most of our referrals are from children’s social care, and we always work with a team around the baby. This means if we receive a self-referral, we will contact local services. 

We work in partnership with social care teams to ensure a holistic approach to addressing domestic abuse and its impacts on families. Social workers provide essential information and support to families and work alongside For Baby’s Sake practitioners to create tailored intervention plans. 

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Healthcare professionals, including midwives and health visitors, play a vital role in identifying signs of domestic abuse and referring families to appropriate support services like For Baby’s Sake.

We collaborate with Midwives, Health Visitors and healthcare professionals more broadly to offer trauma-informed support to parents, starting in pregnancy and continuing through the baby’s early years.   

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Police, probation officers and the justice system are often involved in domestic abuse cases and may refer families to The For Baby’s Sake Trust for support.

We work together to ensure the safety of families, providing trauma-informed interventions to both those using abusive behaviours and those experiencing domestic abuse, aiming to break the cycle and provide long-term support for families.  

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We partner with local authorities to provide targeted support to families in need, and currently deliver For Baby’s Sake in London, the South East and Blackpool.  

For Baby’s Sake strengthens the local offer through independent, specialist provision and access to resources and training. We provide targeted support that addresses the impact of domestic abuse on babies. Together we help families to build stable, loving homes, and address cycles of trauma – a key barrier to change.  

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We work closely with academics, researchers, and policymakers to amplify our impact and influence practices, policies, and systems related to addressing domestic abuse and childhood trauma.

The Trust contributes to legislation, policy, and guidance, advocating for the needs of babies and parents to receive timely support to break cycles of abuse and build resilience. 

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Together we can empower families to change their lives and give their babies the best start in life.

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