For parents

Taking the first step and getting support can be life-changing for you and your family

How we support parents

We provide parents with trauma-informed, therapeutic support to break the cycle of domestic abuse and give their baby the best start in life. Our work transforms the life-chances of whole families and empowers them to move forward in positive change, starting with the baby. The baby is at the heart of everything we do.

1 in 3

A third of all parents (33%) have experienced a partner using abusive behaviour towards them. 


Of parents who experienced domestic abuse said it occurred during their baby’s first 1001 days. 


Of those parents who experienced domestic abuse  didn’t feel able to seek professional help. 

How we can help you
What you can expect

For Baby’s Sake could help you make changes in your life and end hurtful or harmful behaviour that makes you feel scared or bad, so you can feel safe, respected and good about yourself.


We won’t judge what you’ve done, experienced or how you are as a parent. Instead, we help you face challenges in your life and give you new ways to handle emotions such as anger and fear.

We help both parents create a positive future for your baby and any other children you have, even if you’re not together as a couple. Our first priority is that everyone in your family is safe throughout the whole programme.

We welcome introductions from your midwife or others supporting you. You can also contact us yourself.

We currently have For Baby’s Sake teams operating in Blackpool, London and the South of England, and the East of England. Delivery of the programme is subject to funding and current capacity.

Learn more about referrals here


Both parents join For Baby’s Sake during pregnancy and your involvement may last until your baby is two years old. This is a really important time, when your child’s brain is developing and important bonds are forming.


We work with each parent individually, also focusing on your baby and any other children.

At each stage of the journey, we provide support matched to the needs of everyone involved to help you as your child grows and develops.

Depending on where you live, sessions take place online using video technology and by phone, in your home and/or in a local venue such as a community/family centre. We arrange sessions at times to suit you.

For Baby’s Sake might be for you if:

  • You are expecting a baby.
  • You and your co-parent, whether together or apart, want the best for your baby and to be the best parents you can be.
  • More than ever, you want to feel safe, physically and emotionally, and in control of your life.
  • You realise your behaviour sometimes hurts or scares your family and you want to change.
  • You want your children to grow up seeing a healthy relationship between their parents. You want to share the parenting of your baby, even if you’re not a couple or don’t live together.
  • You experienced difficulties in your own childhood and want a better start for your child.

Learn more about the For Baby's Sake programme here. 

Making sure the programme is right for your family

The For Baby’s Sake team will explain the programme’s content with you, and together, we will carefully decide whether this is the right step for you and your family.

Before working with any family, we conduct risk assessments and safety planning, and we will always take a multi-agency approach to ensure the safety of both parents and the baby.  

It is crucial to acknowledge that seeking support for domestic abuse is a complex journey and your safety, and the safety of your baby is our priority. If we feel at any time that the programme is not right for you and your family, we will explain this to you and work with you to find other support. While our intervention can be a vital step for families, it is not the right programme for every family, and your safety will always be our priority.

Emergency contact

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