Will you be a voice for babies in the upcoming general election?

1 in 5 babies in the UK grow up in a household where there is domestic abuse.

Experiencing domestic abuse during the first 1001 days of a baby’s life profoundly affects their emotional and physical development. Moreover, children who witness domestic abuse are at a higher risk of perpetuating or experiencing domestic abuse in their adult lives.

Let’s make breaking the cycle of domestic abuse a top priority for the next government, giving the next generation the best start in life.

Our policy calls

This general election, we urge all parties to: 

Prioritise the needs of babies and children in the response to domestic abuse.
Adopt trauma-informed approaches to break cycles of domestic abuse.
Invest in evidence-based practice and evaluation of domestic abuse programmes.

This includes ring-fenced funding for whole-family approaches, support for all parents who want help starting in pregnancy, a national framework for programmes that aim to reduce the impact of domestic abuse on babies and children and ensuring authentic voices of families impacted by domestic abuse shape policy and practice.

We’re calling on the next government to prioritise understanding the root causes of abusive behaviours and implementing effective interventions for lasting change, exploring the link between mental ill health, childhood trauma and domestic abuse, and working to reduce stigma and other barriers to seeking help.

This means providing funding and support to build the evidence base of what works to reduce the impact of domestic abuse on babies and children. A Pro Bono Economics report showed that a failure to support children exposed to domestic violence in the UK may be costing taxpayers between £480 million and £1.4 billion. Investment in reducing the impact is crucial. 

"The early years of a baby’s life are crucial for their development, and exposure to domestic abuse can have profound and long-lasting effects. This general election presents a unique opportunity to bring about real change for families. Therefore, we urge all political parties to prioritise the needs of our youngest and most vulnerable citizens. By committing to whole-family approaches, trauma-informed interventions, and evidence-based practices, we can break the cycle of domestic abuse and give the next generation the best possible start in life."
Lauren Seager-Smith
CEO, The For Baby's Sake Trust

Influencing policy and practice

We aim to expand support for babies and families affected by domestic abuse by sharing our innovative knowledge and collaborating with others to influence practices, policies, and systems. By joining our voice and expertise with others, we advocate for babies and parents receiving the support they need, when they need it, to break cycles of domestic abuse and childhood trauma and to build lasting resilience.   

Cross-sector collaboration

We are proud to support organisations that share our commitment to babies, children, and families:

The First 1001 Days Movement: Manifesto for Babies
Children's Charity Coalition: Children at the Table

We stand with the First 1001 Days Movement, and advocate for their Manifesto For Babies, positioning the needs and rights of babies at the forefront of policy. 

We are supporters of Children at the Table, a cross-sector campaign urging policy makers to prioritise children in decision-making. 

How you can be a voice for babies this general election

Stelio Stefanou founded The For Baby’s Sake Trust to give a voice to the voiceless, and to tackle the root causes of disadvantage and vulnerability. Join us in speaking up for babies this general election. 

Reach out to your MP
Share our policy calls
Make your vote count

Whether it’s over the phone, via email or letter or with campaigners on the door, share with MPs and party members your concerns about the impact of domestic abuse on babies, children and families  

Use your network to amplify our message. Share our policy calls across your social media, through organisations you are affiliated with, and keep up to date with our campaigns.  

Ensure the interests of parents, babies and whole families are represented in this election. For guidance on how and where to vote, head here. 

Support us

To support our mission all year round, head here. No matter how big or small, your donation enables us to break cycles of domestic abuse and give babies the best start in life.  

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