Baby Steps

Baby Steps : Walking Today for a Baby’s Tomorrow

This September, get those feet moving and join Baby Steps, our match-funded fundraising campaign to support The For Baby’s Sake Trust in raising vital funds to help break cycles of domestic abuse and give babies the best start in life

The Great Big Walk for Herts 2024 will take place on September 28th, featuring a 13-mile walk to raise funds for 12 local charities supporting children from birth to young adulthood. The event aims to foster community spirit and generate significant support for 12 vital organisations, including The For Baby’s Sake Trust. Learn more on the Helping Herts website. 

With four fantastic ways to get involved, there’s a step for everyone:


  1. Step Out for the Walk: Join The For Baby’s Sake Trust team on our 13-mile walk and help raise vital funds. Encourage your friends and family to donate to our campaign page. Together, we’ll take strides towards a brighter future for babies and families. Email to find out more about joining us on the day.  
  2. Donate to Our Walk: Can’t join the walk? You can still make a big impact by donating to support our walkers. Every step we take is one closer to a brighter future for families in need. And here’s the best part: all donations are generously match-funded by Helping Herts. Your contribution goes twice as far. 
  3. One Mile a Day with Your Baby: If you can’t make it to the official walk, why not walk a mile a day with a baby or child who holds a special place in your heart this September? It’s a wonderful way to stay active, spend quality time with little ones, and make a difference one step at a time. We’re calling on parents, carers, grandparents and early years practitioners to get involved. Every baby step gets us closer towards building a brighter tomorrow. Call on your friends and family to donate to your efforts through our campaign page.  
  4. Share Your Baby Steps Videos and Photos: Celebrate your baby steps with us. Send in pictures and videos of your baby’s first steps or milestones to spread joy, promote our cause and win prizes from our partners. Every tiny step is a giant leap towards creating a safe and supportive environment for families.  
Remember: Every step you take and every donation you make is doubled thanks to Helping Herts’ generous match funding. Together, we can make monumental strides for families in need. Your involvement and generosity are the keys to unlocking brighter futures. 

Double your donation

A huge thank you to Helping Herts for generously match-funding all donations. Your support amplifies our efforts and makes every contribution go twice as far. Together, we’re making monumental strides for families in need.

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